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Rent luxury cars in Italy

  • Rent an elegant Bentley Mulsanne

    Rent an elegant Bentley Mulsanne

    If you hire a Bentley Mulsanne at GP Luxury Car Hire, you will discover that this luxury car has an impressive amount of power under its hood. ASK FOR QUOTATION
  • Rent BMW 4 series

    Rent BMW 4 series

    If you happen to rent a BMW 4 series, you are bound to find out a new driving experience. ASK FOR QUOTATION
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Rent a luxury car to see the beauty of Italy

Italy is located in the Southern of Europe at the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It shares open land borders with France, Switzerland, and other countries. In terms of climate, in general the country has a cold winter and a hot and dry summer, but varies depending on your location. If we talk about its fame, Italy is mostly known for fashion as it hosts the most world-known fashion designers and labels like Gucci, Dolce &Gabbana, and so on. Also famous for its exquisite pizza and pasta, hire a luxury car in Italy and browse Italian restaurants which always satisfy any taste buds. Aside from fashion, the country is an ideal destination for arts lovers as well. Not only will you be able to admire the most fascinating artworks ever made by Picasso, or any famous artists exposed in museums, but also get inspired. For outdoor inspiration, contemplate the wonderful local cathedrals.

Discovering Italy

Italy, among the favorite destination for tourists, has increased the number of its hotels and restaurants. And the price perfectly matches with the quality of the service. You can find Hotel Volla Maremonti in Lungomare di Levante, 51,Massa MS. Hotel Panorama is located in Parco Regionale dei Monti Lattari, Via S.Tecla, 8, Maiori SA. In Piazza dellaVittoria, 5, Sorrento NA is situated Hotel Bellevue Syrene. In the capital of the country, you have Portrait Roma seen in Via Bocca di Leone, 23, or Hotel Boscolo Exedra Rome in Piazza dellaRepubblica, 47. Like any other hotels, they also have their own restaurant. But if you are to eat outside, hire a luxury car in Rome and go to Ciardi in Via S.Raffaele, 6, Milano, La Rosetta in Via della Rosetta 8/9 Roma, Nerona in Via delleTeme di Tiyo 96 Rome, and many others.

Venice Carnival

Italy, like any other countries, has also several interesting events that make the pride of local people. One of them is the wonderful Venice Carnival. Invented since 1900s, this Venetian event takes place each February of the year and lasts for two weeks. During the festival, people wear mask, fancy dresses or unusual customs and tour the town. Mainly entertaining for kids, adults can also rememorize Venice’s past thanks to the picturesque view the Carnival gives. Don’t miss the opportunity to take picture with the participants, and choose the best fancy dresses or masks that please you. With the exciting entertainment and shows for people, hire a Mercedes in Venice to attend them. Some events are to be attended with expensive tickets, but others are free.

Horse races in Italy

Aside from carnivals, opera or ballet concerts, horse races are also interesting to attend. One of them is the one held in July and August at II Palio di Siena which is among the popular palio competitions. The race is done in an uncommon fan-shaped main square. With a Porsche rental in Italy, your tour would be more exciting as you can also have fun by attending other events taking place in the same months like the Ancient Horse Race held in July in L’Ardia di San Costantino. Despite the name that implies a horse race, it is more a festival dedicated for a commemoration of Costantino’s victory. Besides, the several food sellers in their own stands make you feel a real atmosphere of a festival.

Hire a luxury car in Italy

Italy is a fashionable country, and don’t forget to follow the trend by hiring a Luxury Car. If you want to look classy and trendy, the best car that fits your need would be a Mercedes. Timeless elegant, this well-designed German vehicle allows you to always appear good-looking and this makes more your sex-appeal boasted. Besides, its powerful engine and comfortable seat permits you to relish the car tour to the fullest even on high speed.

Those who are looking for a racing car, or fan of speed, don’t hesitate to rent a Ferrari. The only fact of hearing the name makes you already get goose bumps. And imagine you being the master of this mighty-powerful vehicle. Too good to be true! Not only can it feel your curiosity on its powerfulness, but it will also give you the best thrilling experience ever. Added to that, if you a one-night-stand is what you are searching for, this car is the perfect one to have success with ladies.

To get out of the ordinary, and if you are among these kids who have already dreamt to be a prince, live your dream in Italy by hiring a Rolls Royce. As it is exorbitantly expensive, only iconic people can own it, but thanks to rental option, there is still a possibility for you to drive it. Both its exterior and its interior are just heavenly designed that once you get in, you want to stay there forever. Do make your stay memorable and get your Luxury Car rental.