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Rent Ferrari in Europe

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Ferrari, the mythical Italian automotive manufacturer

Ferrari is one of the most prestigious automobile makers in the world. Enzo Ferrari founded the company in 1929 and named it: Scuderia Ferrari. At the beginning, he focused its activities in sponsoring amateur race drivers in Modena. Then, in 1947, Enzo Ferrari decided to product street-legal vehicles under the Ferrari S.p.A. name, but continued its participation in racing, especially in the famous Formula One competition. Now, Ferrari is known all over the world for its prestigious and powerful supercars.

At the time being, Ferrari is owned at 90% by Fiat S.p.A. and 10% by Piero Ferrari, one of the founder Enzo Ferrari’s sons. You can identify this brand mark with a black prancing horse drawn on a yellow shield with green, white and red on its top, three stripes that represent the Italian flag. All Ferrari supercars have this logo on the top of their hood, and optionally, the customers can ask for a logo installed on the sides of both front wings.

Rent the Ferrari model of your dreams at GP Luxury Car Hire

GP Luxury Car Hire is one of the car rental agencies that offer to wealthy customers the opportunity of driving one of the famous sports cars of the world. When you go to one of its agencies that you can find everywhere in Europe, just ask for a Ferrari rental and your request will be considered as quickly as possible. So, you have the choice between these models: FERRARI CALIFORNIA CAB, FERRARI 458 SPIDER, FERRAI 458, FERRARI F12 BERLINETTA, FERRARI FF and FERRARI 599 GTB.