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Portofino, the small city of Italy

Despite its size, this beautiful Italian city attracts more tourists than any big city of Italy. Portofino mostly welcomes wealthy people, but it hosts several fascinating places which are simply divine. What people do the most in there is watching people. The ideal place for that is the Piazzetta where you can take your coffee and enjoy the wave noise. During your stay, put it a must to have a boat tour of the city. If you want to contemplate the city through water and at your pace, go for a Kayak Tour.

Hire a Mercedes in Portofino

Portofino, the destination of famous and wealthy people, has definitely so much to offer its visitors. Apart from diving, fishing or contemplating the beautiful view of the city by boat, this village has also many landbased activities. As it is mostly a meeting place for rich people, life in there is obviously quite expensive. Don’t be bullied by that, rather indulge yourself and experience the Portofino luxury life. To look like these wealthy people, go for a Mercedes rental. Elegant, comfortable and stylish, this car has everything to perfect your luxury trip in Portofino. To get yours, jump at GP Luxury Car Hire.