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Rent BMW in Portofino

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An amazing stay in Portofino

This village situated in the coast is especially a chosen destination for wealthy or celebrities. It would simply mean that life is expensive there. So if you have chance to visit this village, cease the chance to do as much as activity you can. To begin with, be familiar with the local life and take your coffe at Piazzetta. Then, take advantage of the beautiful sea to enjoy a boat ride and contemplate the beauty of the village from water. To top your day off, reach the famous Hotel Splendido for a drink ant the terrace and admire the exceptional view from there.

Rent a BMW in Portofino

Despite its size, this small village of Italy has more to offer to its visitors than other bigger village. If you have the chance to visit this wonderful region, don’t forget to bring your camera with you. Picturesque and full of activities, Portofino welcomes more wealthy people and celebrities. It is then obvious that life in there is expensive and luxury. During your stay in this important Italian village, feel free to enjoy that luxury life by renting a luxury car as a BMW. Sporty, comfortable and really performing, a BMW rental at GP Luxury Car Hire will make you feel like these rich men.