Travel like a King in Palace on Wheels Train

gplbloadm. Le 27 avril 2017
Travel like a King in Palace on Wheels Train
Palace on Wheels is a very enchanting luxury train that focuses on providing remarkable and non-forgettable journey experience to all kinds of travelers. This is not just a promise. Every element of this ride is focused on making the travelers feel like a king. The cabins used in the train are the cabins used by the kings of yesteryears of the country. These luxury train cabins were updated with high-end amenities and features to provide all types of comfort starting from wi-fi to temperature control.

Here are a few examples of how you would feel like a royal heir while travelling in the train:

If you are you planning to book a ticket in Palace on Wheels to feel like a king then

  1. You would be provided a separate assistant or butler who would cater to your every needs. Your butler would be just outside your cabin door always on his heels to serve you.

  2. You would be provided a red carpet welcome while entering into the train. The red carpet welcome is provided only for special people in Indian culture.

  3. Starting from laundry to paramedic, you can find almost all professionals inside the train. Every staff has a clear English knowledge, which makes communication easier.

  4. You are the king of the vacation. Just because a train manager handles the tour, this does not mean that everything has to go as per the itinerary. If you do not want to take a trip, you can stay back inside the train. If you do not want to visit a specific attraction and instead another, you are welcome to try out the land. Prior information should be given to the train manager so that he will keep things updated for you.

  5. Name a brand of liquor and it would be provided to you, if you are of drinking age. Every special delicacies of each city would be served in the restaurant. You can pick up any kind of diet you want like sugar-free, gluten-free and others. Prior information about your diet preference during booking would be helpful for keeping things updated.

  6. Even on road, you would be served with five-star hotel level of service. Starting from transportation to food requirements, everything would be arranged in prior by the tour manager.

  7. The cabin you travel is handcrafted with special gems and in unique royal Rajasthan decor. The upholstery in each cabin is picked to give a royal ambience effect.

  8. Starting from hot water service to hair dryer, you can enjoy all toiletries inside a moving train.

  9. Are you travelling with a kid? You can get an extra bed. Your kids can get cozy in the lounge room with books, board games and the view while you relax.

  10. Every destination covered by Palace on Wheels is handpicked to provide an exclusive and exotic vacation.

Starting from the welcome kit to the good-bye, Palace on Wheels focuses on providing the best of service to each and every traveler. This is the secret to why many international tourists visit India again and again for the sake of Palace on Wheels.


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