The best luxury resorts to spend New Year's Eve all over Europe

Corine. Le 4 novembre 2016
The best luxury resorts to spend New Year's Eve all over Europe
Are you planning a trip on New Year's Eve? Do you prepare a stylish evening during this extravagant day? Millions of people are looking for the best luxurious places to spend the end of the year holidays. Celebrate New Year's Eve in style while staying at one of these following best resorts. Which one would you choose?

London, England

New Year's Eve in London is surely the most spectacular in the United Kingdom. Admire fireworks show at the London Eye. Find out more than 8,500 performers during this day from across the London Boroughs Additionally, London has an outsize nightlife that belies its small size, so you can have time. However, in the event you want to spend your New Year's Eve in luxury ways, stay at Milestone Hotel and eat a dozen grapes at midnight. This is a luxury hotel that offers numerous services. And there is a great assortment of food and drinks available.

Paris, France

Are you in the mood to live a magical experience? Head in Paris, a city situated in north-central France. Discover the magic of Christmas by venturing toward the illuminated Tour Eiffel. While going there, it will offer you a unique show. Apart from that, you can take a sightseeing boat tour on the Seine. There are also some luxury hotels to this city, including Le Cinq, Hôtel de Banville, and Chavanel, etc,. As an example, the Hôtel de Banville serves a wide range of culinary delights on New Year’s Day and you can enjoy an extensive buffet.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a great place to welcome in the New Year. It is home to some of the most magical New Year’s Eve parties on the planet. Things included, if you are looking for nightlife entertainment, Berlin is famous for its discos, bars and restaurants. You can find party tents, light and laser shows as well. Stay out late in Berlin to celebrate the most spectacular and legendary New Year's Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate. For a little more luxury, stay at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin or at the abba Berlin hotel. Guests can use the heated pool at the abba Berlin hotel.

Barcelona, Espagne

There are a wealth of ways to celebrate New Year's Eve in Barcelona. Enjoy performing arts or eat one grape. For those seeking a more chilled celebration, there are many parties going on at pubs, clubs and bars all over the city. You may also want to treat yourself to a visit to the Magic Fountain in order to admire fireworks and water extravaganza. For a truly original start of your new year, book a stay at the luxury Hotel Arts. The menu includes oysters, burrata, truffles, sashimi among other courses and options.

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