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About cars :

  What is your special benefit over other Europe luxury car rental companies?

GP Luxury car hire goal is to provide more than a luxury vehicle. We deliver the special luxurious driving experience through our huge network in Europe. As we are renting more than 4000 cars a year , we are able to provide you discounted luxury and rate

  Can I request a call back? How can I contact you?

You can request a call back – just fill out the get a quote form and specify the hours you are available. You can contact us in general inquires through the same form (or just call us on +33661221718 for any other questions).

  What is a luxury car?

The term “luxury car” has a wide definition. There are luxury cars in a specific country that will not be considered a luxury car in another. The term “exclusive cars” varies from place to place according to their price, rarity

Areas of services :

  What are your areas of service?

This is actually quite simple. When we mention we serve a country, it means that we serve the entire country – including major and small cities.

  What about pick up and drop Off?

GPLCH can deliver cars throughout Europe so you will be able to drop it everywher we deliver.

About our company :

  Have you other services except luxury Europe car rental?

We provide other complementary vip concierge services such as airport pick up, villa rental, yacht charter hire, vip protection service

About cost :

  Do you sell luxury cars?

No, we just rent luxury cars.

  How do I pay for the car rental?

When you confirm your reservation, you need to send us the photo of your credit card. We will debit the total rental price as soon as we recieve it. After this we send you the official confirmation of your rental.

  Do you take a deposit for the rental period?

Yes, before a few days of your departure we will block on your credit card a deposit that would be deblocked just after the end of the rental.