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    Hiring a Bentley model is an ideal solution for people who want to drive a luxury car with a high degree of performance. ASK FOR QUOTATION
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    Experience the BMW X5 with GP Luxury Car Hire all over Europe. ASK FOR QUOTATION
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    Discovering Europe aboard the BMW 3 series convertible 2013. Rent one of the most popular BMW. ASK FOR QUOTATION

For the most exclusive French Riviera luxury car rentals, choose GP Luxury Car Hire.

When Gregory Paré founded GP Luxury Car Hire, he had a vision of using luxury car rental in France to welcome worldwide visitors to the country and show them the finest hospitality in comfort and style. Over five years later, his original vision of catering to individuals clients' specific needs with personalized luxury travel solutions is alive and well; only now GP Luxury Car Hire also offers its services in many other prestigious locales in Europe. Besides offering luxury car rental in France, the company also provides luxury car hire in Germany, Spain, Italy, and beyond.

It all started with idea for a French Riviera luxury car rental company with a distinctive feature. That feature is GP Luxury Car Hire's belief in the importance of real relationship. It's why when you get in touch with us about French Riviera luxury car hire, you will have only one contact who will manage your file from request to payment. And your contact will be reachable at any time during our service to answer any questions you may have or cater to any last-minute changes that you need. If you're after personalized French Riviera luxury car rentals, few are better than GP Luxury Car Hire.

GP Luxury Car Hire offers you more than a car and a driver. With our luxury car rentals in Saint-Tropez, for example, we could arrange day tours of the French Riviera. With a bilingual driver-guide, you will navigate the spectacular scenery of the south of France. Admire the panoramas of pines, hills, red cliffs and the glittering Mediterranean Sea before being whisked away to enjoy the vibrant night life of Saint-Tropez in a luxury rental car. You see, along with our prestige car rentals on the French Riviera, we also hope to provide unforgettable experiences.

But the French Riviera is only one of the regions in which we operate. If you want to rent a Ferrari elsewhere in France, GP Luxury Car Hire also operates in Provence, the Alps and Paris, the world-famous city of love. Our options for luxury car rental in Paris are sure to please. Whether you are visiting the city for personal or professional reasons, we can satisfy even the most particular demands. With our Paris luxury rental car service, we offer everything from airport pickups and transfers to corporate transport solutions and personalized shopping trips.

Perhaps you desire a private tour of a city's hidden treasures, the kind of off-the-beaten-path gems that only the locals know about? We can provide this! Our Nice luxury car rental service, for example, could include a tour of the old town as well as a chance to sample the city's famous cuisine. However, if you wish rather to drive your own car, we can assist you with a wide range of luxury car rentals in Nice in partnership with France Flavor Travel Agency. You could rent a Lamborghini in Monaco to go and play with the most exclusive people in the most exclusive venues!