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Prestige car rental in Europe

  • Maserati Quattroporte rental in Europe

    Maserati Quattroporte

    MASERATI QUATTROPORTE is one of the prestigious vehicles that you can hire at GP Luxury Car Hire. ASK FOR QUOTATION
  • BMW X5 rental

    BMW X5 Series

    Experience the BMW X5 with GP Luxury Car Hire all over Europe. ASK FOR QUOTATION
  • Rent BMW 3 series Convertible

    BMW 3 series Cab

    Discovering Europe aboard the BMW 3 series convertible 2013. Rent one of the most popular BMW. ASK FOR QUOTATION

Are you looking for prestige car rental on the French Riviera or elsewhere in France? GP Luxury Car Hire has the solution.

For over five years, GP Luxury Car Hire has been providing the finest luxury car rental services in France, delivering premium transportation solutions covering Paris, the Alps, Provence and the French Riviera – including luxury car rental in Monaco. From airport pickups and transfers, to wedding cars, to private tours and a concierge service, our options are bound to please. If the idea of renting a Ferrari in France or renting a Maserati in Monaco appeals to you, get in touch with us for your next visit.

The ultimate European experience: rent a Rolls Royce in Switzerland.

GP Luxury Car Hire’s reach goes beyond luxury car hire in France, however. We also offer our impeccable services in other European destinations, including luxury car hire in Germany, luxury car hire in Switzerland and luxury car rental in Italy. With a passion for satisfying the demands of our exceptional clientele, we will ensure that your trip is always relaxing, comfortable and stylish, whether you rent a Porsche in Switzerland, rent a Bentley in Germany or rent a Lamborghini in Monaco.