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Rent Rolls Royce in Portofino

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    Rent a magnificent Rolls Royce Phantom

    ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM EXTENDED represents probably the most prestigious ROLLS ROYCE model for the majority of prestigious car lovers. If you want to  travel on its board, either in the city or on-road, just go to the nearest GP Luxury Car Hire agency and ask for a ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM EXTENDED rental. Its staff will consider your request as quickly as possible. For information, the ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM EXTENDED is equipped with a 6.8L V-12 engine that develops a 720 Nm / 531 lb ft @ 3500 rpm torque and a power ASK FOR QUOTATION
  • Luxury rental in Europe

    Travel in Europe with Rolls Royce Down

    The Rolls Royce dawn gets a new suspension that distributes weight more effectively and so ensures the magic carpet ride expected on a Ross-Royce car ASK FOR QUOTATION
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    Hire Rolls Royce Ghost anywhere in Europe

    Once you contract a ROLLS ROYCE GHOST hire, you will enjoy driving a vehicle equipped with a performing 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged and direct-injected V12 engine of 563 horsepower and575 lb-ft of torque. ASK FOR QUOTATION

Portofino, a city surrounded by water

When you think about a city with water around, you are amazed if you are not its inhabitants. This village hides some Italian treasures that are worth being discovered. You can, for example, go snorkeling at Paraggi Bay where you will see different kind of plants and variety of fish. While in Portofino, visit the St Martin church because it is decorated with intriguing artworks, and look at the splendid organ ever. Actually, thanks to its decorative outdoors landscape, the colorful houses and the magnificent villa like the Fortress at the high hill, Portofino seems to bring you in the nineties’lifestyle.

Hire a Rolls Royce in Portofino

When you go to Italy, drop by Portofino and allow yourself to have a luxury life as it known for being the destination of famous and important people. This small village offers you wide choice of activities both on sea and on land. For your land activities, give yourself a unique experience and drive royal cars like Rolls Royce around the village. Elegant, charming and wealthy, that is what you will look like inside this real iconic brand car. To do so, get a jetta at GP Luxury Car Hire which gives you a large choice of these authentic classy cars and get yours.