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Rent Cabriolet in Roma

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    Rent Mercedes SLC

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    Rent Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet

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Rome, a magnificent architectural heritage

Owing to the wealth and diversity of its architectural and historical heritage, Rome has acquired the reputation of being the ultimate destination for cultural tourism. Rome bears the appellation of “the Eternal city” because of its everlasting beauty.

This former capital of the Roman Empire shelters many archaeological and historic sites such as churches and cathedrals, fountains, squares, not counting the numerous museums and castles. All these places should be visited at least once in a lifetime. A Cabriolet rental in Rome will be of a great help when travelling throughout the city.

The charm of an authentic city

By choosing to hire a Cabriolet in Rome, you will have the opportunity to explore without hassle every touristy and attractive site in Rome. Imagine yourself, driving a luxury car and exploring the city of Rome! Aboard your luxury car, admire the three major attraction of the city: the huge St Peter Basilica, the Vatican Museums with its five galleries and its 1 400 rooms and the Sistine Chapel.

During your stay in Rome, do not forget to visit the Trevi fountain, and do not miss the tradition, make a vow and throw a coin into the fountain while turning your back to it. Then take your Cabriolet and drive to the Campo del Fiori. It is a nice place for shopping on daytime and for enjoying the bars at night. While you are in Rome, do not forget to taste the Roman cuisine.

With GP Luxury car hire, you can choose among the variety of vehicles that they have in their fleet. Not only this Cabriolet rental in Rome will provide you the vehicle that suits you best, but it can also inform you about the itinerary to visit the city and the restaurant where you can fully appreciate Roman food.